Welcome To Relatable Sapien

17 Feb

Welcome To Relatable Sapien

“Oh god, hell relatable”

“Dude, you give positive vibes”

“I can’t agree to you more”

“Damn, that story though!”

Well, these are the reactions I want from you guys when you read what I write, I don’t want to use fancy shmacy words cause to be honest I don’t consider myself as a great writer, I just follow the ideas I connect to the most, “Do what you wanna do & be what you wanna be” go on the top of my list. The major aim behind me starting this blog is to connect to my fellow sapiens, to share what demands to be shared, to be able to express myself because c’mon, it’s the era of digitization where hardly few are introverts, everyone now has a best friend, yup, the web, and trust me, this is the best platform for people like me, well, socially awkward and virtually active kind off one’s, to open up and speak their heart out. I am glad you are here and I happily welcome you to my blog, Relatable Sapien.

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I write a little and you should too, writings can become your most cherished possession.

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